Tuesday, August 2, 2016

IPTLD vs Cancer

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IPTLD vs Cancer

It all starts with insulin; a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulates metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and excess glucose from the blood. But it has many more functions on a cellular level.
With a single shot, IPTLD® uses insulin to modify cancer cells molecular biology. It targets the cancerous cell. The cell “wakes up” with a tremendous appetite.  Insulin opens up the cancerous cell membrane, making it vulnerable and receptacle to any substance it encounters. One by one, they all start searching for food. During that precise moment, we inject all Chemo Drugs. Since the dosage is 70% less than regular chemo sessions, the non affected cells are left intact, avoiding side effects. And because it changes the biochemical compounds of the cell, it also serves as detoxification.
We feed the cancerous cell with chemo.
Cancer cells take in the chemotherapy drugs much more easily with insulin; it potentiates medication, transporting it more effectively into the cells.

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